About Me

I'm a stay-at-home mother of two kids (boy 3)(girl 11 mo.).  I LOVE being here with them.  It's the best part of everything.  My husband's nice too.  He and I have been married for five years.

I graduated from Weber State University (Ogden, Utah) in 2006 with a secondary education degree in French and English.  I'm currently working on getting a math endorsement to teach middle school math so I can be a little more marketable when I go back to teach someday.  Math and I are not friends, but we're getting along better than we used to.

I love the accomplishment I feel when I've created something.  I love seeing my creations around my house and in the hands of my playing children. I love that I can save money and make personal, unique gifts for others.

I've almost given up the blog a bunch of times.  I can barely find the time to make the crafts, let alone tell people about them.  I usually figure that there are thousands of better blogs people can look at, so mine won't be missed.  But then I make something and want to show it to someone.  It makes me feel better to take a few pictures and send them out to the world, just in case someone will see them and appreciate my creations.