Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mary Jane Skimmers

I've had the crochet pattern for these slippers for probably close to two years now. It's funny that they've taken me SO long to make considering the amount of time I spent looking for this pattern.

One day, I saw a picture of these sweet slippers on someone's blog, but she gave no indication of where she found the pattern. After much searching, I found that they were available from Sylver designs. They're called "Adult Mary Jane Skimmers" and you can buy the pattern from her Etsy shop found here. She gives directions to make most adult women sizes.

She's the same lady that created the pattern I used for the baby loafers found here.
I thought this pattern was easy to follow. I lost count of my stitches and messed up a few times, but it wasn't too hard really. I even learned a new stitch: the double treble crochet (sounds scary, but isn't).
It's the first "baby ready" thing I've made for myself. I think I'll enjoy them even more when none of my shoes fit!


  1. Those are really adorable!
    I'm currently making the headband with the flower you posted about. I love how easy it is and I'll probably make a bunch of them for gifts.

  2. does any one have a free copy of these slippers?