Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Baby Bibs

I was at Shopko the other day. They had a pack of plain bibs on sale. Actually, all their bibs were on sale, I just didn't like any of the other ones. They all say things like "I'm a Princess" or "Sweet Kitty" or other overdone things.
I just wanted some simple bibs that would get the job done but look good too.
I looked through some fabric scraps to get some ideas. Once I had my ideas, I drew the designs I wanted on the paper side of some Heat 'n Bond. (I've also seen it called Wonder Under). I ironed the Heat 'n Bond to the fabric scraps I chose then cut out the shapes. All I had to do then was iron the shapes to the bibs and sew around the edges. Easy and quick.
I've washed them once. The only bib that frayed was one that didn't have the Heat 'n Bond all the way to the edge, so make sure your shapes are completely covered.
Happy drooling!

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