Thursday, January 6, 2011

Little Turkey

A day before Thanksgiving, I decided it would be fun to make a shirt for my 2 year-old to wear to Thanksgiving dinner. I had a plain blue shirt to work with. Not very harvesty, but oh, well.
To begin, I used some fabric paints to paint his palm and each of his fingers. I just used a separate bit of sponge for each color. His dad and I worked together to keep him from making a fist - not easy.

In the end, we had two hand prints to choose from.
I used a fine point fabric pen to add an eye, a beak, and little feet.

After letting the paint dry completely, I cut the fabric out in a square shape and sewed it to the blue shirt.
The beauty of the project, is that I can unpick the turkey and use the shirt for something else. The fabric square will be scrapbooked as a fun way to show how he's growing.

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