Monday, March 28, 2011

30 Day De-Stash #5: FABRIC GIFT BAGS

Today is my favorite de-stash day yet.  It used up all this:
I try to re-use paper gift bags as much as I can.  I figure it's better for the environment and it saves money.  I hate budgeting $25 dollars for a gift and having to spend 3-5 of it on the wrapping.  Lately, I've gotten a bit desperate for gift bags.  I have some Christmas ones and a few kid-birthday ones.  I've run out of wedding and baby bags.

I like the idea of fabric bags as a longer lasting alternative to paper.  I just hate making them. By the time I finish a project to give, I don't feel like making another project to wrap it in.

Yesterday, I came across some striped fabric my mom had given me.  It was left from when she cut the bottom off some curtains she'd bought and shortened to fit her windows.  The bottom edges were already finished so all I had to do was sew up the three sides and they were done.  I just added a ribbon and wrapped up a baby gift I had ready.
I sewed a few more bags from the leftover striped fabric.  Soon, I wondered what else I could make into a bag.  I found:

Some old tank tops.  Just sew up the bottom.  They even have handles!
 Some receiving blankets.  I think they must be made to "receive" smaller babies than mine, because these never are big enough to swaddle my babies.
  A towel I had used a piece of.  As well as a crocheted rectangle.  I had started crocheting a project only to realize that my yarn (while the same dye lot) was different colors and never did unravel it.
 I also used up some fleece and felt to make a few bags. 

I used only fabric that wouldn't fray so I didn't have to finish any edges.  Slightly crooked lines are no big deal either.  It's nothing fancy, but it was quick and easy.  It also took my extra stash in one room and helped re-stock my empty gift bag bin.

I've seen a lot of people sew ribbon into one of the seams near the top so they have a permanent way to tie the bag shut.  I decided to leave it off so I could use the ribbon to make each bag match a specific situation.

I feel a little "greener" today, knowing my gift bags will probably be used again and again.

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