Wednesday, March 30, 2011

30 Day De-Stash #7: Pleated Knit Scarf

Ashley, at Make it and Love it, gives a tutorial for the "Pleated Knit Scarf" found here.  In it, she says that after you have worked with knit a few times, you'll learn to love the stuff.

I'm still waiting for that moment.

I've only tried sewing with knit a few times and it's still tricky. I bought a "jersey" needle for my machine and that helped.  I think having a machine whose tension knob is merely a decoration doesn't help either.

I almost cheated today with the no-purchase rule.  I ran out of gray thread a while ago and never bought more.  I knew that my seams weren't going to be pretty and didn't want them to show up.  I finally decided to keep to the rules of the game and used a dark gray/blue thread.  I figured that would have to do. 

The scarf is prettier when you put it on.  The pleats sort of bulge out like ruffles.  I just didn't want to take a picture of a gray scarf on my brown shirt and I was too lazy to change (or comb my hair).  You can check out Ashley's scarf on her blog and see just how cute this scarf can be.

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