Friday, March 18, 2011

Baby Shower Mad-lib

I made up a mad lib for my sister's baby shower last month. It's maybe a little bit reflective of the English teacher side of me, but here it is. We had fun with it.

Start by having everyone fill in a word for the following.
FYI, non-count nouns are words like water and love, that don't really have a plural.
Also, I didn't think to mention not to put proper nouns and some people did. They don't work very well.
1. noun (plural/non-count) -
2. adjective -
3. adjective -
4. verb -
5. verb -
6. adjective -
7. verb -
8. noun -
9. noun -
10. adjective -
11. adjective -
12. verb -
13. noun (plural/non-count) –

Once everyone has those, give them another paper with the following:

Babies need a lot of (1)_______________.
They are always (2)_________ and (3)_________.
It is important that you never, ever (4)_________ your baby.
When your baby cries, you must (5)___________ it, until it is (6)____________.
Don’t be afraid to (7)__________ your baby.
To make sure you get enough rest, always put your baby in a (8)__________ before going to bed.
Use a lot of (9)_______________ to get stains out of baby’s clothes.
Call your doctor whenever your baby looks (10)______________.
Call your mom whenever you get really, really (11)___________. She will probably tell you to (12)____________.
And finally, give that baby all the love, caring and (13)___________ that it deserves.

It's funny how some of these work out. Some of the lines were "Don't be afraid to choke your baby," and "Give that baby all the love, caring and shoes that it deserves."

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