Friday, April 8, 2011

30 Day De-Stash #16: Monkey Shirt

Last night I was looking through some scrapbook supplies for a craft I'm doing over the weekend.  I saw this sticker:
It made me think of my son.  He's a two and a half year-old sponge and he does everything he sees that looks fun.  Some of it is good, because he's learning to be independent.  Some of it is not so good.

It's also the perfect sticker for him because he has a stuffed monkey that he LOVES.  He carries it around the house and always needs to have it before going to bed.

Next week, I'm giving a demonstration on ways to cover stains on shirts at a church activity.  It was maybe a bit excessive to make a shirt that would give me an example of ALL the ways I plan to show, but here it is:
fabric pens
freezer paper stencils
all in one shirt
I bought this shirt for $1.50 a few months ago. The irony in making it is that my son had never worn it, so it didn't really have any stains.  In covering my "stains" I made a stain while using the black fabric paint.  Those random dots are my method for covering those up.  Oh, well.  At least the project feels like a genuine "display" for my demonstration.

The good news is that "My monkey shirt!" is a big hit with my son.  He tried to take off a boring old striped shirt so he could wear it.  "It's cool," he said.  Next time I won't show him new shirts until the paint is dry.

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