Friday, April 15, 2011

30 Day De-Stash #23: Last Minute Embelishments

I can't even count the number of times that I've spent so much time getting my kids and husband ready for something that I run out of time and go without hair or makeup done.

Turns out the preparations for my brother's wedding reception were like that.  I bought pants and socks for my husband.  I sewed pants and a tie for my son.  You saw a few days ago that I sewed my daughter's dress.  
The problem? I just pulled out a few things I thought would work out of my closet.  Never tried them on.  I just assumed that they would fit and look fine together.

Didn't fit.  Didn't look good.

I ran to the store this morning to find something gray, navy, yellow or white to fit the color scheme.  Since it's spring, all I found was white and yellow.  I left white for the bride and boldly purchased a lemon yellow dress.  Yikes.

By this point, I gave up on looking good and just went for color matching.  I used some tulle to add a little extra length to my dress.  I wanted to stop at the store and get something I liked, but remembered that I couldn't use it as a de-stash project if I did.  I added some melted satin flowers to my dress and shoes and sewed a fleece ruffle cuff.

I was feeling pretty good until I got to the reception and saw that pretty much everyone else found a gray and navy option.  The poor photographer didn't know what to do with me.  Oh, well.

My mom and I were both sporting matching boots.  Hah.  Like mother like daughter.

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  1. I thought you looked great and I was glad you were in yellow. Ideally I want everyone in yellow, but since we let people pick their own they all stayed away from yellow. :( I thought you were fantastic!! Thank you!