Friday, April 29, 2011

My Silhouette has arrived

After some months of saving, it's finally here:
That's what my two year-old says whenever he shows me something he thinks is great.

My Silhouette machine arrived in the mail yesterday.  I have to admit that I have no real idea how to use it.  I've tried to read everything carefully so I can be sure I don't mess it up. 

I started with a simple project:
I cut the strawberry out with my Silhouette.  I'm still giddy about the fact that I didn't have to cut 12 of those out by hand.  Sweet!

I decided that the berries alone weren't enough.  The cards were a pre-cut thing so I thought a stamp would be a good way to go since it was too late to use the printer.  I couldn't see a single "you're invited" at the store.  I found this package of sticky stamp letters.  I just picked off the letters I wanted and stuck them on an acrylic base.  Easy peasy.  I'm excited to be able to spell out anything I want and not be limited to what exists already in the stamping world.
I'm hoping that more practice will help me get used to this machine and really let it show me what it can do.

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