Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Paper Mache Book

My husband installs hardwood floors.  He has a number of things he needs to have handy while he works.

Pencils, utility knife, stain pens, markers, keys, phone, wallet, loose change, etc.
At night, he used to come home and empty the pockets of his work pants and set the items on the night stand.  I always got after him for it.  Especially on the weekends, when he didn't wake up and put all those things BACK in his pockets.

As part of our bedroom update, I decided I would make a place for all the pocket odds and ends.

I found a paper mache book box at JoAnn.  I painted the "pages" gold and mod podged some fabric on the "cover."

Now instead of looking like Home Depot's most valuable marking pencil customers - we look like readers of lovely, classic, books.  It makes me happy.  And he's probably happy not to have me nagging him anymore.  Win, win.

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