Sunday, August 14, 2011

Buzz in the Bathroom

My sister is a hair stylist.  She pities me and lets me pay her in crafts for haircuts.  She recently re-did her son's bathroom Buzz Lightyear style and wanted some vinyl to go on the wall.

I've been considering subway art lately.  I like it, but I haven't really found a project to try it on.  I used the Silhouette software to play around with "Buzz" words.  I also used an online coloring page I found to make a Buzz shape.  
I don't know that I would consider the final product to be subway art, but I did use a few hints I found online about making subway art to guide me.
1. If you've never done subway art before, stick with 3 or 4 or so fonts so you don't over do it.
2. Line up the words to create a visual outline of a shape (usually square or rectangle).
3. (I'm sure there's a technical name for this) Imagine you have horizontal lines on your layout. Line up the words so that your eye can travel across that visual line all the way across your project.

I didn't have a lot of words so I didn't worry about this as much, but you can see that the 'to the' and the "to" are lined up to create those visual lines.

I don't usually get that "I'm awesome" feeling after most of my crafts - but I did after this one.  I might have to spend some more time making subway-like art so it can happen again.  

I also think my sister's an awesome sport for agreeing to paint her bathroom Toy Story green.

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