Thursday, August 4, 2011

His and Hers Pacifier Pockets

Ashley from Make it and Love it blogged about her tutorial for pacifier holders just right when I needed it.  That week I was making some baby gifts for a set of twins that will be born down the street from me.  I haven't ever been able to craft for a boy and girl set of twins and I got all giddy about making some his and hers things.

Ashley's pattern pieces and tutorial are perfect.  I didn't really have any trouble at all (that said, I decided not to worry about my curves being perfect before I started).  I even applied the snaps with no trouble.  If you've never done snaps, Ashley has a tutorial for that too.

I kept the fabric a simple gray color because I didn't know what mom's diaper bag looked like, but there's a lot of fun things you could do to embellish this project.  It also takes very little fabric, so it's great for scraps.

Neither of my first two kids went for the pacifier.  I think if I made it a little bigger I could keep some tissues or my phone in one...

I'm also kicking myself that I didn't take pictures of the little shoes I made as part of this gift.  I used this pattern and they turned out SO cute.  Even the husbands of the recipients of these shoes have thanked me - and that's never happened before. 

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