Monday, September 19, 2011

The Undie Cuff

Have you voted in Round Three?

First of all, Linsday.  You won my giveaway from last week.  You'll have to Facebook message me your address. Yay!

Second, Phew!  I made it!  I had a personal goal to make it to week three of So You Think You're Crafty, season 9.  So that's pretty happy. Thanks for your votes.

Here's more on my entry for Round one:  
I knew this challenge would be the hardest.  It's a big stretch sometimes to go into the dollar store and come up with a project.  I was really impressed at how well everyone did.

I walked around the store twice.  I had several ideas come and go, but the underwear seemed to stand out.  I bought the underwear without knowing what to do with them, truthfully.  It wasn't until I got home that I thought of making a cuff.
It was an easy thing to make.  Here, I'll show you how I did it:
1.Select a pair of underwear.
2. Cut the elastic waistband off the knit.  Keep as close to the elastic as you can.
 3. After you have removed the elastic from the underwear, wrap it around your wrist to measure the length you need.  Don't overlap much because the elastic stretches a bit when you sew it.  Cut three lengths of that measurement.
4.Cut a rectangle of knit from the fabric.  I used the backside because it has more material to work with.
5. To decide on the width of fabric to use, I stretched the elastic as much as I thought I could stretch as I sewed. It was probably about 1.5 times as long as my elastic.
6. If desired, you can stretch the elastic out across the fabric and pin before you sew.  I thought it would help my gathering look more even, so I did.
 7. Sew straight down the middle of your elastic.  I sewed the two sides first, then the middle.  Just stretch everything out as you sew.
8. Wrap the cuff around your wrist to check for size.  Fold the cuff in half, right-sides-together.  Sew the end together.
9. Use the remaining knit to make flowers and embellishments to glue or sew to your cuff.
10. Show off that cute underwear!

I like that these cuffs are super comfy and only cost $1.

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  1. I just realized I've voted for your projects two weeks in a row ... I LOVE these underwear cuffs (so cute, so creative) and I absolutely adore the poufs you did. They're amazing. Good luck with the next round!