Monday, December 26, 2011

Are you thinking about Christmas 2012?

The week after Christmas is a good time to get ready for next Christmas.  I always buy gift wrap and decorations after Christmas.  Sometimes I'm really good and I make my Christmas cards for the next year too.  I thought I'd pass on a few ideas we used this year that worked well for us.

This year, we used this Santa's beard count down from Inviting Printables.  It was great for a little three-year old.  

Silas: "Mom, is today Christmas?"
Me: "Is Santa's beard full?"
Silas: "No."
Me: "Then it's not Christmas yet."
A few days of this conversation and he got it.  He kept an eye until it got close to the day.

This printable nativity is so sweet.  We used it this year.  I hope to get one painted for next year, but I'm printing off a copy in case I don't.  There's also a version that you can color yourself.

This year, I made some lumps of coal that were featured from the ladies at eighteen25.  I thought they were a funny idea.  My husband thought they had a funny aftertaste because of the coloring, but I thought it wasn't bad.

I made a bookmark like this one from Creative Family Moments for my mom.  I think they're pretty funny.

I'm thinking if I can find affordable bottles and supplies, that I want to do this for my neighbor gifts next year.

My goal this week is to find a little time for me.  I want to read a book or make something from my "for me" Pinterest board

Maybe this:

Or these:

And time for this isn't possible, but wouldn't this one be nice.  Mm. Cozy.

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