Sunday, February 28, 2010

Baby Shoes

This pattern was one of the first patterns I came across when venturing into the internet crafting world.  It was perfect for my needs. My son endured 9 months of boring footwear (socks, white ones) because I was too cheap to buy many pairs of shoes when he didn't even walk yet.  

My only problem was that these shoes are about the right size for a 3-6 month old.  I ended up scaling up the pattern for my son's feet. As per advice I got from another blog, I measured Silas' feet. I added 1/2" for wiggle room, 1/2" for a seam allowance and then blew up the pattern to fit. (You need to be sure to increase the width, not just the length.) 

I also decided not to pay the extra money for suede on the bottom.  Because my son was crawling and not walking, the tops got more wear than the bottoms. I simply cut two feet bottoms from the fabric, and put an extra layer of felt between the two for stiffness. It worked out great.
For Silas, I used solid corduroy fabrics and used flannel prints for the lining. I sewed buttons on for decorations, but kept them pretty simple so they fit his age. In this photo, Silas is wearing his navy shoes for our family Christmas photos.

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  1. those are adorable! One of my girls is walking and the other isn't but they don't make many soft shoes for babies anymore and the ones that are great are so expensive so I might just have to make a couple pairs of these while they get their walking legs and get used to shoes! They are such bare feet babies right now!!