Sunday, February 28, 2010

Looking for an Easter Bunny?

I was looking for an Easter crochet project for our Relief Society group. The first pattern I tried was this one.

It wasn't hard to make, but when I finished, I decided that it wasn't quite the project I hoped. The eyes are maybe a little far apart for a universal appeal. It really was the best free pattern I could find for a bunny (you can give it a Google and see if you agree).
If you're willing to pay for patterns, this one is the most adorable bunny ever. I bought it thinking our ward could use it. It was after I bought it that I saw her copyright restrictions prevented it. So sad.

In the end I decided that we would not do bunnies at all, but poultry. Ana Paula Rimoli's website is great. She sells patterns, but also offers some for free. She's also authored books, so her patterns are well written. Check out these chickens! 

These two took a while to make. If you're in a hurry, just make the baby. The author said hers turned out to be 4" and just over 2" tall. Mine were 5" and 3". I used Sugar 'n Cream crochet cotton, so I think that's where the size difference came from. This photo is hers; I still have to take a picture of mine.
Happy Easter!

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