Monday, March 15, 2010

Crazy Showers

There have been a crazy number of baby showers around here lately. Really, I can't complain. Even being busy making all the gifts is far less busy than all the new moms will be very soon.

I'm also glad for the showers for providing me with some new crafting opportunities. I made my first baby sweater:

My first attempt was using red fuzzy yarn. After starting over several times, I gave up. It was so fuzzy I couldn't keep track of my stitches and kept messing up. With the deadline soon approaching, I switched to some Red Heart, ever dependable, yarn. The results turned out okay. The sleeves were the same length at least.

For the headband, I copied the last few rows of Suzie's pattern for the beanie that goes with the sweater. I just added a few stitches for overlap.
The other thing I had fun making were these felt softies. You can find the pattern for the dog here and the elephant here.
I made the 2D version of the scottie and left the eyes off to minimize the number of bits that could be chewed off. I also used wool felt to keep it from stretching and tearing as easily.

In all, a fun week of projects. Now to get back to the list of things I was doing before.

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  1. The dolls are cool! I've been thinking of making some myself.