Saturday, October 30, 2010


My son loves Elmo. I'm not really sure why this love started, because he loved Elmo long before he ever saw Sesame Street. Elmo shows up in a lot of his books, on sippy cups and even his toothbrush, so maybe that's why.
I looked for an Elmo doll for his birthday last month. All I could find were the really hairy Elmos. After seeing what happened to my son's current favorite toy, "Monkey," with his matted fur that's full of fuzz, and dried grass, and who knows what else; I couldn't bring myself to make a purchase. Plus, Elmo dolls cost more than I think they should. I have a hard time paying 20-30 dollars for something that's just going to be dragged around and slobbered on (or worse, Monkey has been in the toilet...)
I decided to look around online for a pattern to crochet Elmo. I found exactly ONE pattern. I didn't like how Elmo's mouth was open so WIDE in the pattern, but I couldn't find another, and I didn't want to take the time to try and make it up. In the end, I made the doll as instructed then sewed the mouth closed a little on each side with red yarn. It seems to have done the trick.
The only problem I had with the pattern was on the black part of the mouth. When I made it as big as it instructs, it's WAY too big for Elmo's mouth. I ended up leaving out several rows. My logic was that if Elmo's mouth opening is 23 stitches across, the mouth insert ought to be the same. So I suggest following the mouth pattern until you have 23-24 stitches and then stopping. I also recommend that you follow the advice to put something stiff inside the head to keep the mouth flat. It looks a lot better that way.
I'm saving Elmo for a few weeks until the baby comes so big brother can have a new someone to cuddle as well. I'm pretty sure he's going to love him though.


  1. OH MY! I had never checked your blog before, and expected to see a few scrapbook pages, and perhaps some simple sewing tips. Not so. You are AMAZING!!! I can't say that I'll follow suit anytime soon, but I certainly admire all the talent! And I may attempt the carseat cover...we'll see.

  2. Can you send me that pattern? When I click on the link it says the blog is gone. My son really likes elmo.

  3. Hi Kathrin, I love how your Elmo turned out with the tweaking you did. Yes, his mouth is open too big in the original.

    I'd like to make one too for my 19 month old son who loves Elmo but the blog with the one pattern is no longer available. Do you mind sending me the pattern you have? I would really appreciate it.

    My email is Thanks in advance.

    1. Were you able to get the pattern and make your Elmo?

  4. So glad I found your comments. I have read what you said about elmo’s mouth. My question is what do you mean putting something in elmo’s mouth to keep it open. Like what? She recommends “2 half circles of card of shaping” I am clueless to what that means.

    Thank you so much. My granddaughter loves Elmo and my daughter sent me the pattern.