Saturday, October 30, 2010

Christmas Outfit

Recently, I came across three craft projects I wanted to try. I decided to tie them all together and make one outfit. I had some Christmas fabric I picked up from the remnant section a while ago, so I decided to make it a holiday themed set. First, I made the skirt. You can find the tutorial here. This is a really easy project. I plan on using it a bunch more times in the future. I know I have a few shirts/onesies I've purchased that don't have a matching bottom. I'll just be able to use fabric scraps I have on hand to make the skirts. In fact, the original tutorial was a skirt made from and old t-shirt and jeans.

Next came the shirt. The original pattern comes from Martha Stewart's website. A lot of people complained on there that the instructions were not specific enough to follow. I didn't really try to follow the instructions from there because I'd originally found the "kimono shirt" idea on this blog. She is pretty detailed in instructions and pictures, so I just followed her.

She switched the ties to buttons because she didn't want to have to mess with the ties. I didn't really want to have to mess with ties either, but I liked the way they looked. In the end, I just sewed on three bows to the front, and used snaps to keep the shirt closed.

The other change I made was that I used more binding on my shirt. The original design just calls for using it up around the neck. I put it around the sleeves and bottom to add some extra color, since I was using such a plain fabric.

Lastly, came the kimono shoes. They are SO easy to make. It's just a few pieces of fabric. My only fear is that they won't stay on wiggling baby feet very well. I'm planning on using these shoes to see how it goes, then making a ton more if it works. I would imagine that you could even use a little bit of elastic across the top or something if you wanted to make an extra strap. I also think using them with tights or something would help them stay on better too.

I'll keep you updated on how they work.

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