Friday, October 22, 2010

Sewing with "Simplicity"

It almost seems like buying patterns for sewing projects is considered a waste of money these days. You can find a bunch of free tutorials on how to sew things just by spending enough time browsing craft websites online. I know because I've looked at, and used a lot of them. My problem with "making it up as you go" is that it's usually more frustrating and the finished project is often not quite as perfect as I'd hoped.

So today I'm giving a shout out to patterns. Because sometimes it's nice just to have the hard parts done for you.

Lately JoAnn fabric has been having a lot of $.99 and $1.99 sales on patterns. I've taken advantage. Here are a few things I've made:
The Pumpkin Costume - Simplicity Pattern #2788

My son loves pumpkins this year. He likes to point them out in stores and he loves when they are "happy pumpkins." He is also at an age where if you put a costume on him, he's likely to take it off after a short period of time.

I decided the little pumpkin in this pattern was perfect because I could just have him wear regular clothes underneath (or a coat in cold weather) and he could wear his costume for as long as I could convince him to do it.

He is really excited to be a "happy pumpkin" this year. Just look at the cheesy grin that proves it.

 Fuzzy Sleeper - Simplicity Pattern 5720

This one, I've decided is entirely selfish. It's so soft and fuzzy on the outside, the the person holding the baby will feel snugglier than the baby!

This one was really easy to sew. It doesn't take many steps at all, and you could choose from a wide range of fabrics to get your desired amount of warmth. I chose pink chenille. I love the feel, but I'm still finding pink fuzz around the house weeks later. Next time I will have to go for something a little "cleaner."

I did make one addition to the sleeper that the pattern didn't have. Most the little sleepers you buy in the store that zip up the front have a little tab that folds over the zipper so it won't bother the baby's chin. I added one of those to mine.

The "Gift" Bag - "It's So Easy" Simplicity Pattern #2750

I've had this pattern for a few years now. I bought it for a few dollars at Walmart one night when I wan searching for a quick, but cute birthday gift. My mom saw the bag and said, "you can make me one of those for my birthday." So I did. Since then, I've used it several times for gifts.

I love this bag because it's easy to sew, but there's just enough of those special touches that it's versatile and stylish.
I got this pattern out again this week because my grandma saw my mom's bag and asked me to sew her a red one. I can't deny grandma, so I got to work the next day.

While the pattern was out, I thought I'd make another one for a Christmas gift. I'm tempted to even make a few more to have on hand.

I love finding patterns online for free. I can't blame others who do the same. But to spend a few dollars and save my sanity is worth it to me. Especially if the pattern is one that will be used over and over again. Really, I think sewing is like cooking. When you know how to follow the basic "rules," you have a lot more success when you start making things up on your own.

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  1. I have to agree! I'm using a pattern I used for just a simple Sunday dress to improvise a princess dress for Maryn's Halloween costume! Silas looks so adorable and happy in his pumpkin! Such a cutie!