Sunday, January 9, 2011

the Quiet Book, part 2 - Burda Help

I bought Burda pattern 7839 to help me get started on my quiet book. It's good I only paid a dollar or two for the pattern because I didn't really use it. These three pages are based on pages from that pattern, so I'd feel guilty not giving them some credit.
The clock hands are pieces of felt with a few layers of interfacing to keep them stiff. Then a hole is poked in the end a button is used to keep the hands attached but still free to spin.The apples are attached with snaps. The top of the basket is open to hold the apples.I tried to find some kind of non-choking, non-breaking clothespins for the line, but couldn't. The clothes just hang magically thanks to Velcro pieces.

1 comment:

  1. Maybe you could make some fabric pegs; sewn at the top, a little magnet it in and a little magnet inside the page? you could lift the bottom of it and sandwich the clothing between them?
    I dunno, it works in my head.