Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Quiet Book, part 3, Thanks, Mom

I grew up looking at my mom's quiet book. She made it for her firstborn and it passed through to each child that followed. I stole from her to make these pages:
There is a little square of Velcro over the head. You just want to make sure you put the other half of the Velcro in the right spot on the hat to make it look like the head is wearing it.The flowers stick on with Velcro. My mom used buttons for the centers of her flowers. It made a nice bit of extra texture. I had plans to make the flowers fancier, but never got to it.
The dog is made from the back side of a piece of leather. The back isn't furry like a dog, but it has a nice soft finish that will endure the rubs of many little fingers.

The sand is sand paper. I thought I would have to pre-poke the holes, but I didn't. You might have to if you have thick paper.
The buttons are obviously buttons.

The duck is made of felt underneath. Then I lightly glued and stitched a few feathers on the body
The tail detaches. I tried a few things to get a fluffier tail, but gave up and just did this.

My mom deserves more than thanks for these pages. She pretty much gave me all my crafty genes and taught me a lot to get me started. So....Thanks, Mom. I love you.

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