Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Quiet Book, part 4 - The rest of the pages

This is one page I know my son won't be able to do for a while. I figure he has plenty of fun un-doing the shoe, so that's okay. You can buy eyelets that you can hammer in.
There's a zipper pouch that holds the numbers and 10 Velcro spots for each of the numbers. I embroidered the numbers on the squares, but you could write them on as well. My favorite part of this page was finding a fat quarter of fabric with numbers on it.
I know my grocery bag doesn't look very much like the ones in the store. I was using up scraps. My son loves this page. He calls the drumstick "meat!" He's also confused about peas. I think most parents probably have to deal with that homophone at some point.

This page doesn't work as well as I want. The cars are supposed to look like they're moving back and forth. They are attached to a ribbon. I can get them to move, but my two-year old can't. Maybe someday.

I have to thank the Purl Bee for the fish on this one. I've used them before here. You can find the link to the pattern here.
I thought I was nicer taking the sheep from their pen and putting them out to graze than going the opposite direction.
Since my son can't read, I outlined each shape so he could match them. He got them all right the first time through. He loves his shapes. The other day he impressed my husband's aunt with his knowledge of a "crescent" shape. What a kid.

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