Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Quiet Book, part 5 - The Cover

Each quiet book page was 14 x 9". It was then folded in half to make 7 x 9". I had five pages total. Fold those in half, you have 10. Use each side you have 20. Put it all together, it's really thick. For that reason, I made a strip of white fabric + batting that was about 9" tall and 3 or 4 inches wide. I sewed each of the 5 pages to this white strip as a book binding. To the back of my binding, I sewed three home-made buttons. For the cover, I sewed a 30" sport zipper around one piece of my cover. I used a second piece of fabric and sewed it right-sides-together to make a lining. Then I made 3 button holes in the center of it. It keeps it on my book, but lets me take it off for washing. I used Shrinky Dink plastic to make the buttons. I wanted big buttons, but didn't want to pay $4 a button. I traced an enlarged picture of my fabric onto the buttons and colored it. I shrunk it at coated it with Mod Podge because my markers kept smearing.
I didn't really need such special buttons for the book. I could probably have found something that would work just fine. I was really just playing around after seeing a fun tutorial about homemade buttons.

I hope, if you're wanting to make a quiet book, that you found something inspiring in my posts. It's certainly a labor of love. But seeing them love it makes it all worth it - at least it did for me.

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  1. I love it!!! You did a wonderful job! I started a quiet book with Ethan was little. He's now 9 and I have 4 more kids! I would love to have one for each of the girls and maybe one that works for a 5 yr old because they can get so loud during Church but I just don't have the patience! Way to go Cuz!