Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bedroom Update -part 1

It's been a packed few months in the crafts department. We've been busy making some new "updates" in the house. Here's the first of a few bedroom updates we've been making:

A little Background:
1. Our bedroom is black and white. I wanted to step up the bright green color I was using as an accent, since it consisted of (until now) a pillow.

2. After having a few kids and "condensing" our furniture, my cedar chest had to join us in the master bedroom. The 1998-esque look wasn't quite working for me. I didn't want to paint it, though. I just figure if it's made to hold memories, it should also look like a memory.

3. We inherited a free dresser that also needed to fit into the decor. As it was free, it did not need to be a memory and I wanted to paint that sucker.


1. I found a tutorial for making some fun fabric flowers here. I used them in all their large loveliness to give my curtains some character.

I added some paper, ribbon, string, and flowers to my candles:2. I made a small quilt to cover the hunter green top of my cedar chest. This is definitely my favorite update. It's cute enough that I keep it clean just so I can see it.
Do these flowers look familiar? I used the same method I used on my curtains. This time, though, I used one three inch strip of fabric per flower.

I don't watch much t.v. and only recently heard of Nate Berkus. His show comes on at 2:04 A.M. Two in the morning feedings can get lonely, so Nate and I have become friends. I've noticed Nate Berkus talks a lot about texture. This quilt is my little tribute to him. He also said not to be afraid of different shades of the same color. Eek!

3. Solution number three was remarkably easy (for me). I bought some spray primer and handles and my husband did the rest. I wish I could have gotten a decent photo, because it's lovely.
I can't find the blog now where I got the advice we used for refinishing. I'd love to have given them credit for these two bits of advice:
1. Use spray primer. It's faster and makes for a very thin coat.
2. Use Painter's Touch from Rustoleum. It's thinner than regular paint. It keeps the cracks and edges from getting all gummed up with paint. Several thin coats will be more chip resistant than one thick coat, as well. The can cost about $8 and we used half.

Stay tuned for more home updates (good and bad). Feel free to email me any questions about projects:

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