Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bedroom Update - part 2

This is the sad part of my bedroom update. The part that has taken hours but still hasn't worked. Wall art.

I purchased a two-pack of cheap 16x20" canvases. The first I painted green. I cut out letters and mod podged them on.

The result looked more like a ransom note than an "eternal love" type quote.
It just didn't go. Well, it did go in the donation box. Not in the bedroom.


The second try, I stretched a piece of fabric on the canvas. I don't own a Silhouette, so I cut out all the designs and letters
by hand in freezer paper and ironed them on.

This probably wasn't the time to try a spray painty thing I've never used before. I almost cried.

If the "you" had been legible, I would have kept it. I'm sure ink got messy back in Jane Austen's day.

After a month of being depressed, I'm starting again. I removed the fabric from the above canvas and painted it a brighter shade of green. It is now hanging on the wall, waiting for some fail proof inspiration.

I also think that now the green is brighter, I need a white pattern/design.

Any advice?

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