Sunday, March 20, 2011

Velcro Money Cuff

Another contribution for Celebrate the Boy 2011 at MADE, was this money cuff. What a great idea. My son is just starting to learn about the powers of money and I can imagine how heartbroken he would be if even a single quarter got lost when he was out and about.Christie at a Lemon Squeezy Home shares two version of the money cuff. One made with a zipper and one with Velcro. I didn't have any zippers at the moment I read the post, so I went with Velcro. This is my son asking if he can go and play with his friends instead of posing for a picture. I left off the sour-faced-reaction picture from when I told him he couldn't.

I made two cuffs for my son. One to hold his money, and one for our emergency kit. He's two and still working on complete sentences. Even if he knew all the information he'd need to get back to mom and dad, he'd be too shy to tell it. We would have one lost little guy on our hands if we got separated. I figure I can stick some emergency info. on a paper in the cuff and slap it on his wrist in an emergency. If anything happens, he'll have a way to let others know where he belongs.

Hey, you may even want to use it the next time you take your kids to the zoo.

I didn't want to be left out of the fun. I used the same concept to make myself a cuff. I left off the money pocket part because I'm always carrying around a diaper bag anyway. Just add .5 or 1 inch to the fabric length when you cut it out and you have a great cuff to embellish as you please.

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