Sunday, April 3, 2011

30 Day De-Stash #11: Craft Stash GIVEAWAY


So far all my de-stashing has been to make crafts from supplies.  Yesterday, I found some crafts I've made in the past that I've never used/ had left over.  I admitted to myself that they had been sitting there long enough.  It's time to see if anyone else might have a use for them.

So today, I'm de-stashing my crafts by having a giveaway. Yay!

Anyone, anywhere can enter, but there are two rules you have to follow.

#1 - You have to make a comment on this post stating which of the five crafts you would be willing to take off my hands.  They are labeled A,B,C,D, and E.  You can state an interest in any or all of them.  (Be sure to include your email so I can contact you if you win.)

#2 - You have to become a follower of my blog in order to win.  Because having followers makes me feel good.

You have until April 8th at 8:00 P.M. (MST) to enter.

As of today, I have 13 followers.  There are 5 prizes.  The odds are in your favor folks.

Chances are that by the time my 30 day challenge is over, I'll have even more stuff to give away, but here's the stuff I'm offering today:

A: 30 of the same Christmas card (no envelopes) must not have sent many out that year.

 B: 20 random Christmas cards (with envelopes)  for the years I only had a few left.
C: 5 Flower hair clips.  Never been used.  I guess I just can't do the big flower on the little baby head thing.
 D: 10 Heart and polka-dot key chain fobs. 
E: 10 Random Holiday Cards (with envelopes) and a bunch of paper scrapbook pictures (mostly My Mind's Eye).

I hope my extras will be your use-fulls! 


  1. I love the Christmas cards! The matching and the unmatching!!! I think it's fun to make them all unique!! As for the flowers, Her head will grow and the flowers won't be so big but if you are serious about getting rid of them my girls would love them!!! I don't know what I'd do with 10 key chains but I'll take one of them!! :)

  2. Oh and I thought I was already following your blog because I check it so often but I guess not officially so now I am! :)

  3. Ooh..oooh...I would LOVE to have A,B,C, and/or E. :) My yell over the fence. :)

  4. I'd LOVE C, I have an adroable two year old who could use a few flower clips :)

  5. Celeste---Great ideas!!! You are always so talented (just like Kathy) I remember the skeleton that you left on our porch... We knew you left it there, cuz you always did such nice things like that. I <3 your ideas. I don't expect anything, but here is my email. :) Sherry

  6. I would love the flower hairclips! And also the cards.... just put me down for everything! :)

  7. Me in the back: I would like to send in an entry for A and D. I did get one of the "A" Christmas cards. I remember feeling special when I received the Christmas greeting.

  8. Now that I think about it - I would really love the flower hair clips! Something my girl could use for years!

  9. i could use the flower clips (I think it's C) for my upcoming wedding.. either that, or maybe I could talk you into showing me how to make them. :)

  10. i forgot my email: or there's always facebook! (and actually I only need the yellow and/or white one)

  11. I clicked thinking I wouldn't want someone's leftover crafts...I changed my mind. I love A,B and C. Especially A and C.

  12. Oh, Celeste. For the record, you are THE most crafty person I know. Not just because you like it, but because you're sure-as-shootin' a star. I am now a follower and am surprised I wasn't before! PS. . .maybe I'll send out Christmas cards this year if I have something so cute to send out! So, A or B for me. I'll also have you know that my sister and I almost made the Christmas card you sent out a couple years ago with the circle punched out and the hanging tree but then we got lazy. Oh well.