Monday, April 4, 2011

30 Day De-Stash #12: Ruffle Bag

My youngest sister came over today.  A while ago, I made her a bag for a few of her church related books.  A new version of one of the books came out recently, and has a binding.  My sister really had to jam it in the bag to fit.  I told her I'd sew her a new one today for my de-stash project.

I told her she could pick the color.  She picked purple.  I didn't have a lot of purple fabric, but I did have about 8 yards of purple ruffles. 
Pow! That's a lot of ruffles. 
She can pull it off.  She's 14.  And she deserves it.  She's a great kid.


  1. Yeah, I am a great kid! Thanks for the bag. I'll get Mom to follow your blog soon! Love ya!

  2. Love it!!!! I think it's perfect for Kylie!

  3. HOLY COW...I have an almost 14 year old (this coming Sunday) who would LOVE that much would such a fantastic seamstress as yourself charge to make one of those for me? What a perfect Bday present it would be for her!! I would happily go get 8 yards of purple ruffles if you tell me where to get it. :)

    LOVE it!!


  4. Kylie is 14??? So crazy. I love the bag. I would carry that bag. I teach junior high, therefore I am junior high. Isn't that how it goes?

  5. Featured at Dragonfly Designs on facebook ~ LOVE it! Thanks for linking up!