Monday, April 11, 2011

30 Day De-Stash #19: Wood Handled Bag

Now that I'm almost 2/3 of the way through my challenge, I've really been looking around my craft space for things that I want to finish most.  The bag I made today was half finished.  I started it during a "sister sewing night," and didn't get it done.  
It comes from a See and Sew Butterick pattern B5448.
I'm planning on using it as my crochet bag.  The one I'm currently using works if I'm using one single, regular-sized skein of yarn.  If I need more than that, it's too small.  Plus I think this looks like a crochet bag.  I can just see some sweet little lady pulling her knitting out of it while she takes the bus home.

The bag wasn't terrible to make, but I'll admit that it wasn't the easiest I've ever made.  Sewing around the handles was tricky.  I would still classify it as a beginner project, but I wouldn't suggest making it as the first thing you ever sew.  
The other suggestion I have is that if you use a thicker fabric, use a very light interfacing.  Mine ended up being a bit thick, and I had to scrunch the fabric down a lot to make any of the handle visible.

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