Sunday, April 17, 2011

30 Day De-Stash #25: Dish Towels

I've been giving some thought to my dish towels for a while.  All mine look seriously beat up.  I started today's project thinking that I would make a few dish towels that would not be embarrassing to put out when company comes.

As I was sewing, I started thinking about how I sometimes get frustrated that I can't keep things nice around here.  Things get ripped, poked, and colored on all the time.  Then I started thinking about my parents' house.  They keep it super clean all the time.  Except that after the grandkids come and leave hand prints on the windows and fridge, they leave them and enjoy them for a few days.

I decided that maybe instead of a bunch of fancy hand towels, I would make a reminder to appreciate those little hand prints while I've got them.
I made the stencil by tracing my son's hand on freezer paper.

It kind of makes this one that I sewed ribbon on seem like the "less special" towel.

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