Monday, June 13, 2011

Did you know about Textile Medium?

For several years, I've known about textile medium.  I don't know for sure when I learned about it, but it was probably 15 years ago or something.

Usually when I know something, I assume others do too.

I'm learning that's not the case.  With anything.  But also, with textile medium.
 Textile medium is made to mix with acrylic paint to make it fit for other mediums.  Like fabric. You can by it in the paint section where they sell the varnishes and crackle mediums.

I love to have some on hand because it means I'm not bound by the colors of fabric paint available.  Instead I have hundreds of choices over in the acrylic paint aisle.

It's great for free-hand painting or stenciling.  I used freezer paper for the words on this onesie.

When I was 16 or so, I made a Kermit the Frog flag for my girl's camp group.  I didn't know about fabric medium.  Kermit was all crackly by the end of our three day adventure.  Sorry about your face Kermit.  I know better now.

And now, if you didn't - you all know too.


  1. So, can you use regular acrylic paint mixed with textile medium as a substitute for fabric paint? And if so, which is less costly?

  2. Yes, it works great on fabric. I think if you plan on using more than one color, it's the cheaper way to go. It works really well for me since I'm usually using a leftover color that I bought for something else.