Friday, June 10, 2011

A headband for family pictures.

My friend Kathrin Paul recently took some family photos for us.

These are just a few of the precious family photos we now have.  Thanks Biph!

Wait, don't tell me you didn't notice the headband?
Here it is, right here:
I promise, she's not pouting about her headband.

I made mother/daughter headbands, but didn't wear mine.  That's why you might notice two in the pictures below.

The headband.  Foldover elastic is my favorite thing I've found for baby headbands (see here for another post using it.)  I usually give it a few quick stretches before cutting the length I need.  I tell myself it helps it loosen it up so it doesn't get too loose on the head.
To make the flowery part, cut two ovals out of felt that matches your elastic.  Cut one oval slightly smaller than the other.  Out of the "petal" color, cut several circles.  Mine were varying in size (not on purpose, but it looked good in the end).
Take a circle and scrunch it in the center. 
Sew it onto the larger oval. I sewed an 'X' on each bunched center to hold it tight.
Repeat this step until you have the oval as full as you'd like.
Glue (I used hot glue) the back of the sewn oval to the headband where the headband is sewn together.
Glue the smaller oval to the back to cover your threads and glue.
You're done!

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  1. Your kids are so cute. Already like supermodel babies.