Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Stick Figure T-shirts

To fill art credits in school, I took drawing.  I always loved drawing when I was a child and heard several compliments on my art.  I soon discovered that high school teachers are not as kind as mommies and daddies.  Teachers aren't really supposed to wear love blinders like parents, and it's not like they told me to give up or anything.  I just realized that there was more to drawing than a casual effort when I felt like it.

I decided that if all I wanted to give to my drawing skills was a casual effort, I should stick to stick figures.  Since coming to terms with the idea, I have had a lot of fun with stick figures.  
These swimmers are from my student teaching semester in French level 1.  "Nager" - to swim!

One of my favorites ever is my super-guy stick figure.  He's easy to draw, but hard to get onto t-shirts in a more "bought it at the store" kind of look.

This shirt has been in the back of my mind as a possibility for a few years.  Now that I have a Silhouette machine that can cut close, even lines for me, it's a reality.  Yay!  Just a little dream come true.

I made a shirt for my son, husband, and a neighbor.  A few days later, I made a onesie for a baby shower.  
I kind of think it would be fun to see stick figures (and those of us who are limited in our drawing skills) have a little time in the t-shirt limelight.  I have plans to make a few and try selling them this summer at our local farmer's market.  Just to get the "stick figure" word out.

This week, I made a runner stick figure for a friend in my neighborhood who graduated from high school.  I took it over to her before remembering to take a picture, but here's what it looked like on the Silhouette program:
I'm open to more ideas.  What stick figures would you like to see on a t-shirt?


  1. Great idea! And for the record, I have always thought that you were the best artist of stick figures I know. Truly.