Saturday, July 9, 2011

Car Wall Art

My son's entire bedroom theme came from the fact that I saw some car fabric at the store and thought it would make a cute blanket.  I tied him a quick blanket for Christmas using this fabric (I think it's Debbie Mumm).  
Once he moved to a "big-boy" bed, we used the blanket as a bedspread.  The car theme propelled from there.  

I scanned in a piece of the fabric into my computer and blew up three of my favorite vehicles to the desired size.

I cut pieces out of felt to create cars/trucks that looked similar to the ones in the fabric.  I stretched some white fabric over cardboard and glued the felt pieces onto it.  I framed it and ended up with this.
I actually made this over a year ago.  I was worried that the felt would fade, but it still looks great.  It was a cheap way to make wall art that matched the theme perfectly.  I also like that it has some texture to it.

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