Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bean Bag Boogie

While much of Utah has been sand bagging, here, we've been bean-bagging.

I found this CD on Amazon.  The entire disc is about moving around with a bean bag.  Believe it or not, there are a few other discs about bean bags as well.  

I've been listening to the songs to find out what each one tells you to do as you move.  It's one of the things I've collected to help with my home pre-schooling efforts.  It's fun.  For me, even.  I can't help but dance around when I hear it.  My favorite is #7, "Bean Bag Boogie."

I made a few bean bags here.  My husband said they were baby bean bags. 

I made more using nice, thick, home decor fabric from JoAnn.  My husband said they were better.
I used 5" squares of fabric to make them.  I think I only used 3 1/2" for the other ones.

It makes me wish I had a bean bag toss to play with. 

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