Thursday, June 23, 2011

Stuffed Turtles

I have a list of crafts I'm planning to make.  Occasionally, a simple project comes and jumps to the front of the list.  I saw a tutorial and pattern for these turtles at Make it and Love it.  
My two-year old son was standing next to me when I was looking at the pictures in the tutorial.  I asked him if we should make one for the baby.  He said, "Yes, and for me too."  So we made two.  He even helped me pin the pattern pieces on the fabric.

He hasn't really played with his turtle much since, which isn't a surprise.  The big stuffed body is quite the wrestling playmate for my 7 month-old, though.  She gets a hold of those little legs and swings it around and tries to catch it.  I think she'll like it even more when she gets a little bigger.
I made the pattern exactly as stated and it all came together perfectly.

I could see using minky soft fabric for this project and making it the most cuddly turtle ever.

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  1. those are so cute! I might have to make some from my scrap stash to give as baby gifts! I keep getting all these ideas from you and the time is nowhere to be found! OH well, when I finally have time, I'll have all sorts of things to do! :)