Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin Pie Garland Tutorial

There is one color that I love in the fall. I see it and I just feel autumn, and holidays, and deliciousness.

Pumpkin pie.

Arguably, pumpkin pie isn't one color but a mix of pumpkin and spice colors.  That mix is probably why I can't find a pumpkin pie crayon in my Crayola box.

I did find some "pumpkin pie" wool blend felt, though. I cut it into the traditional pie shape to create a pumpkin pie garland.
This garland was actually pretty easy to make.  With a few changes, it can be made even easier.

To make one, you'll need:
felt (I ordered mine here, in "pumpkin pie" and "oats.")
felt scraps for turkey
crochet thread
cardstock paper

I started by cutting 11 scalloped circles out of cardstock.  Mine were about 6 inch circles, but I think if I were to do it again, I'd go smaller.  I used a bit of craft glue to attach the paper circles to my "oats" colored felt.  Then I just cut around each scallop.  I hate tracing shapes onto felt, so I thought this would save me from tracing and give structure to the felt.

The above photo shows the front and back of my scallops.

Circles aren't as bad to trace, so I looked around my house and found a bowl that was the right size and traced 10 circles (you don't need one for the turkey piece) on my "pumpkin pie" felt and cut them out.
Once I had my circles cut, I wrote letters on with disappearing ink.  The ink fades fast on the felt, so just do one at a time.
My camera isn't capable of tiny detail photos, so I'm going to send you over to The Purl Bee and their Embroidered Felt Advent Calendar to get the tutorial for stitching the letters.  I used crochet thread for mine, but embroidery floss would work as well.  Puff paints or freezer paper stenciling would work - if you're not interested in stitching.
Once you're done stitching your letters, use hot glue or craft glue to attach the pumpkin to the scalloped "crust." 

I don't have a template for the turkey because I used a clipart image from online.  Just search for some free clipart images and pick one you like.
You don't even have to do a turkey, but they are a good way to help the garland say "give thanks" and not "givethanks." 
When your turkey is finished, you're ready to attach them to a string.  I made a crocheted chain with my crochet thread.  Measure your mantle or desired spot for your garland to make sure you fit all your circles in the right amount of space (this was when I realized I should have made my circles smaller).
I just used some hot glue to attach the string to the paper backing.
Now you're ready to hang it up.  

My favorite thing about this garland is one you can't really see in pictures.  Felt is so warm and comforting.  It's like you can see the wool in there and you get wrapped in an invisible sweater. 

So nice for fall.
What are you thankful for?

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  1. I'm grateful for all the special people in my life, including YOU!

    I plan on attempting this project during this next year, between homework, etc.