Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Give and Take Bags

Have you been over to So You Think You're Crafty to vote for your favorite hardware store craft yet?

I'm honestly, pretty relieved to be done.  I had expected to get out sooner and it started to be a little more than I could manage.  But it was fun.  Missy is super nice too.

I did have a craft ready for this week.  It killed me a little inside that this project cost more to make with supplies from the hardware store than it would have with supplies from the craft store.  It's also not quite as nice as it would have been from there either. Argh.

I also took a really long time to think of a craft.  Hardware stores get really expensive, really fast.  I must have been walking the aisles with a very thoughtful (lost?) look  because I've never had that many people ask me if I needed help.  I finally gave in and told one of the employees about the contest.  His idea: a robot. Like a science project or something.

I didn't make a robot though.  Instead, I purchased the following supplies:
mason twine in orange, yellow, and white 
masking tape
drop cloth
and I also used some left-over spray paint we had around the house.

I first made these two trick-or-treat-bags.  One for a boy and one for a girl.

Then, after the contest got delayed a week, I realized my project would miss the holiday.  So I used the leftover supplies to make a treat bag intended for giving.  This pumpkin pie (I'm sensing a theme for my fall crafts this year...) bag is ready to be filled with all the things you'd need to bake a pumpkin pie and left on a deserving doorstep.  

I have a second bag that I made for this, but I wanted to use some real yarn or some felt for the pie. I think I'll like it better. And the pie a little bigger? Lion Brand Yarn has a cute pattern for a little crocheted pie.
And hey, at least I have a trick-or-treat bag for next year, eh?

There's not much of a how to.  I would totally use felt for this if I were not forced to use hardware store items. Crocheting all those took a while.  Felt is just as cute, and way easier.

Just tape your bag pieces and give them a spray.  If you need a good tutorial for the bags, go here for one.


  1. I totally think you should have gone with the robot LOL... I think these are really fun, I like the pumpkin pie!


  2. I just realized that you were no longer in the competition (I hadn't realized how many weeks had gone by). But I am so sad! How selfish of me, esp. if you are glad to be done with it all. Anyway, I might be one of your biggest fans. I loved everything you made, especially the birdie calendar! And these trick or treat bags are no exception. Very cute.