Thursday, June 24, 2010

How to Make a Padded Case

I promised a while ago that I'd take pictures when I made a case for my husband's Light Wedge. You can follow a similar pattern for any item that needs a protective cover.
First, you need to select a fabric for the outside of your case and one for the lining. I wanted to a soft lining to keep the Light Wedge from getting scratched. I found a piece of green felt in my leftover bin. I then picked out another scrap that matched. My husband's only request for the cover was that it wasn't too "girly." so I did what I could.
Second, you need to place the item you're protecting on a folded piece of fabric and measure the size of fabric piece you'll need. I kept my fold along the bottom. I cut the fabric about an inch bigger on the sides and two inches bigger on the top (to leave room for a Velcro closure). Then I cut a piece of batting that was the same size. I cut the fabric for the lining just a bit smaller. The first time I made a pouch, I cut the lining to be the same size as the outside and it bunched a bit when it was all put together.
Third, pin the sides of the lining, right sides together, and sew.


Fourth, pin the outer fabric and the batting together, keeping the right side of the fabric to the inside. Sew the sides.


Fifth, turn the lining right side out. Pin wrong sides of the bag tops together. Sew, leaving an opening so you can turn it right side out. Be sure to think this step out before you sew. It's really easy to sew one side or the other inside out.

Sixth, turn the bag right side out. Pin the top. press, and topstitch. This can be pretty thick, but it'll help keep your lining from coming out.

Seven: If desired, sew a piece of Velcro or a snap on the bag to help keep it closed.

Eight, add embellishments. (That's not too girly, I hope.)
Happy Father's Day, Lance.